Useful Links

Hiking in Hong Kong

Enjoy Hiking

HKSAR Government hiking site, with lots of useful information on official trails

Discover Hong Kong – Hikes

Hong Kong Tourism Board page on popular hiking trails

Visiting Country & Marine Parks

Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department (AFCD) page on country parks


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Climate of Hong Kong

Trends in temperature, rainfall, typhoons and more, as per the Hong Kong Observatory (HKO). For current weather and forecasts (general), see here

Hong Kong Weather by Key Sites

Basic current weather by key attractions and locations, including outlying islands, parks and beaches, as provided by the HKO

Hong Kong Air Pollution

Real-time Air Quality Index (AQI), updated hourly for different districts/regions across Hong Kong. Better than the official air pollution index, which is overly ‘favourable’

Vectors & Vector-Borne Diseases

List of main vectors and vector-borne diseases in Hong Kong, as per the government’s Centre for Health Protection (CHP). Good to know when spending a lot of time outdoors

Landscape & Geology of Hong Kong

Some government and other links for those interested in learning more about Hong Kong’s landscape, vegetation, geology, mining history and disused mining sites (which can be visited, but not fully explored):

South China Morning Post

Selection of relevant articles and videos from the South China Morning Post (SCMP), Hong Kong’s leading English-language newspaper:

Video introduction to some of Hong Kong’s interesting wildlife and the impact of loss of natural habitat through urbanisation

Suggestions on…

What to bring

Good general suggestions, including first aid items. See also Clever Hiker’s other video clips

Good suggestions, with a focus on emergency/survival gear. See also Ranger Mike’s other video clips

More good suggestions, but no first aid kit and I don’t think you need to bring along *three* knives with you on a simple day hike!

Cool stuff

So, is it the Farmer or the Hiker? Based on the name alone, I’d say the Hiker…

Ha, fancy that. I never really knew what that was for or how to use it until this clip. Cool!

See also:

Safety & First Aid

Safety Hints for Hiking in Country Parks

Should You Hike Alone? / How to Hike Alone


General first aid advice for a range of potential hiking injuries and scenarios. Note: CPR on strangers should be hands-only

The latest recommendation: “Hard and fast” hands-only CPR to the Bee Gees’ “Staying Alive”, minus the cheesy dancing, lol

Explains what you need to do simply and clearly, but best to avoid being bitten in the first place if you can help it!


  • Pacer (simple but effective pedometer app for mobile phones)
  • MapMyHike (trail and activity tracker for mobile phones, with desktop login)
  • Pace & Speed Converter (contrary to what you might think, pace and speed are not the same!)

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