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ICYMI: July 16 – World Snake Day!?

There are dedicated ‘days’ for practically everything nowadays, it seems. Even so, I was still surprised to discover on Monday that this Sunday past (July 16) was in fact World Snake Day. Wow, there’s a day for that? Who knew? Well, I do now – and so do you – so belated happy World Snake Day! Or should that be World Ssssnake Day? :p

In any case, World Snake Day is not an international day observed by the United Nations, so I don’t know how official it is, but it was official enough for National Geographic to publish this neat photo gallery of various snake species from around the world: See 22 Spectacular Pictures of Snakes (gotta like NatGeo’s no-nonsense headline, haha).

My favourite is #17, the Texas Coral Snake with the ringed colour and pattern mutation, as shown below (apparently this species is usually banded, not spotted). Stunning! Kinda looks like a bunch of Mexican black beans on oval nachos floating down a fiery river of hot Tabasco sauce. ‘Tex-Mex’ Coral Snake might be more appropriate in this instance, lol.

Stunning Texas Coral Snake with atypical spots instead of bands / Photo: NatGeo

To do my part to celebrate World Snake Day, yesterday I shared the following two pics of me with snakes to my new Facebook page and Instagram profile (theaccidentalhiker on both). That’s me below holding up a very large and super hefty albino python a few years back in Singapore. A pretty chunky fella, I must say, and certainly the largest and heaviest snake I’ve ever handled!

albino python
Whoa, now that’s a whole lotta solid snake! #albinopython #sizematters #toobigtofail

Thankfully for me, the python was recently fed, as you can tell from the odd bulge in its neck belly body (damn snek anatomy, you crazy, lol) near my elbow at far left. That must have been some meal! Oh, and excuse the attempt at preserving my online anonymity, haha. I’m actually making a kissy face in the undoctored pic, so it’s practically the same thing anyway. :p

snake talk3a
Greater Green Snake at the Pui O snake talk this May #emeraldbeauty #adorable #iwant