Pic of the Day: Clear Water Bay

clear water bay

Here’s a stunning view of Clear Water Bay from High Junk Peak. Love the turquoise waters, which is a rarity in Hong Kong (a murky green is the norm). The breathtaking scenery more than made up for the steep, sweaty hike up to the super pointy summit, with the fab views continuing all the way down the (thankfully) much gentler descent.

I did this hike (High Junk Peak Country Trail) around three months ago, starting at Heng Hau and finishing up at Tin Hau Temple at Joss House Bay (missed out on the big Tin Hau Festival celebrations by a couple of hours, doh!), before crossing over to the small fishing village of Po Toi O. A great afternoon hike that took me far away from my usual trails, so a nice change to boot!

Incidentally, if you like nature photography, in particular flora and fauna pics, check out my dedicated pages on wild Hong Kong flowers and plants and local wildlife encounters, which contain lots of photos personally taken by me whilst out and about on my various hikes and walks. Enjoy!


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