Two men in hospital after Hong Kong wild boar goes on rampage

A dozen police officers and conservation workers sent to capture the animal in Tseung Kwan O

Published: SCMP, 24 Jun 2017
Link to the original article here

One of the city’s wild boar gave police and conservation officials the runaround in Tseung Kwan O early on Saturday morning [June 24], injuring two people in the process [as well as making international news: here’s a CBS video clip of the poorly handled incident].

Police received a report just after 7:30am that a boar had been spotted on the side of the road by bushes near Lohas Park.

A policeman responding to the call [stupidly] kicked the 60kg boar whilst trying to catch it. That caused the animal to attack the officer and a nearby elderly cyclist.

While the pig was on the rampage, it smashed into an Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department [AFCD] van, denting its side.

Raising concerns about the treatment of the pig, the Wild Boar Concern Group said the animal had been provoked, and was defending itself.

The 73-year-old cyclist suffered injuries to his arms, back and legs. The police officer, 34, fell over and hurt his arm. Both men were taken to Tseung Kwan O hospital.

About 12 police officers and officials from the AFCD were sent to capture and restrain the animal, which was eventually subdued with nets, [riot] shields and a rope tied round its neck. The boar was taken away.

The case is not the first time a wild boar has run amok in Hong Kong’s urban areas.

In December last year, a 50kg wild pig haplessly wandered into the restricted zone at Hong Kong International Airport, alongside planes and airport vehicles. It was hit by an airport vehicle [not what was reported at the time, interestingly], and had to be put down.

Wild boars also fancy a spot of retail therapy. Back in 2015, one of the porcine pedestrians strayed into a shopping mall in Chai Wan, causing much disturbance.

[See also Second wild boar encounter over weekend as four animals subdued in Aberdeen, Hong Kong, which occurred the very next day following the above incident, so on June 25. Fortunately, no wild boars were kicked this time and nobody was injured.]


One thought on “Two men in hospital after Hong Kong wild boar goes on rampage”

  1. Forgot to post this when I first heard about it in the news, so apologies for the somewhat dated article! Anyway, I guess this goes to show what happens when a pig kicks a pig, lol.

    Seriously, though, what was the police officer thinking? And why are the police even involved, but if so, why aren’t they better trained and equipped? So heavy-handed with all the riot shields, which they were also clobbering the poor boar with.

    At least this one didn’t need to be put down, but the poor thing! Poor elderly cyclist, too, who got injured after the stupid officer kicked the boar, which in turn caused it to charge. No sympathy for the injured officer. 😒


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