Pic of the Day: Taiwan Kukri Snake

taiwan kukri snake2
Taiwan Kukri Snake (Oligodon formosanus)

I recently did my first hike in a while, having switched to a stint of power walking in the weeks prior, and lo and behold I saw a snake! We have entered snake season after all, but that’s still pretty cool to see a snake on my ‘first’ hike. Not only did I stumble upon a live one, but this was the first time I was able to properly photograph one of my rare snake encounters. How exciting!

What we have here is a Taiwan Kukri Snake (Oligodon formosanus), a medium-sized non-venomous snake that is reportedly uncommon but widely distributed in Hong Kong. Its enlarged rear teeth apparently resemble Nepalese kukri knives, hence the name. Check out the cool head and eye markings, plus the lilac highlights along its body.

I was hiking up to Lo Fu Tau in DB when I spotted the snake literally just hanging out on the dirt trail in front of me. It made no attempt to escape, only curling up closer to the grass once it got fed up with my continued presence, lol. In fact, it was so brave and motionless for the first while, I initially thought it might be dead, but it was very much alive, believe me!

See more of my local wildlife encounters here – it’s an ongoing work in progress! If you’re interested, I also have a page dedicated to wild Hong Kong flowers and plants, with lots of photos personally taken by me whilst out and about on hikes and walks.


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