4-Week Plank Challenge! 27 days to go…

Hiking and walking are excellent on their own, but the addition of strengthening exercises is undoubtedly even better. As such, I was doing dumbbells for a while, but unfortunately managed to injure my right elbow (tennis elbow, woo-hoo), so I have been pretty slack in terms of upper body workouts for some time now. :/

Yesterday, however, I saw this 4-Week Plank Challenge by LIVESTRONG.COM on Facebook, and figured why not? I can do planks. Sure, I hate doing them, lol, but at least I can do them – and without causing any further injury to my elbow, so no excuses no more!

With effect from yesterday, I have thus committed myself to 28 (now 27) consecutive days of twice daily one-minute planks. Hurrah! Ugh. The only good thing about this particular plank challenge (my first, incidentally) is that you’re supposed to attempt a different plank style each day (who knew there were so many variations?!), which will hopefully break up the monotony and make it more interesting.

Anyway, if you’d like to check it out or also do the challenge, here’s the 4-week schedule. Photos and video demos of the various planking styles for Weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4 can be found in the links below.

If a minute is too long for you to hold a plank, you can start with 30 seconds, graduating to a minute (or more) as you improve over the course of the challenge. I’m thinking of just sticking to a minute throughout. In any case, here’s to my future six-pack a month from now! :p


LIVESTRONG.COM 4-Week Plank Challenge, week-by-week breakdown:


One thought on “4-Week Plank Challenge! 27 days to go…”

  1. UPDATE: So, I completed the challenge and I still don’t have a six-pack. How very disappointing, lol. Furthermore, I still hate planking! I intend to keep it up, however, as for something to feel that horrible, it must be doing some good. Well, that’s my reasoning anyway! :p


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