Two thumbs up for Salomon trail shoes!

I admittedly haven’t tried out a wide range of different trail brands or models. Far from it, in fact. Even so, I cannot rave more about Salomon! I now own two pairs of Salomon trail shoes: SpeedCross Pros for hiking, and Sense Pros for light/medium trails and power or general walking. Both are sleek, smart looking, super comfy lightweight runners, with thin but durable soles and the best lacing system (Quicklace) for lazy or impatient folk, lol.

The SpeedCross Pros are very grippy with prominent V-shaped treads, so are great for trail running on all slopes and surfaces in a variety of weather conditions. That’s what also makes them ideal for hiking, if you’d rather avoid cumbersome hiking shoes/boots like me, which I find too heavy and rigid. The SpeedCross Pros are a good cross between sturdy and lightweight. Love the cheery teal/turquoise colour for women, too!

When my SpeedCross Pros were still new in the box. They’re certainly worn in now!
Note the prominent treads, which offer good grip even on dirt slopes

The Sense Pros are less grippy and can actually be a bit slippery when wet, which I wasn’t expecting, but otherwise they’re excellent shoes for paved surfaces and light/medium trails. Very airy (top mesh) and lightweight. I’ve been doing all of my recent power walks in them, and my feet still feel great afterwards! The more minimalist style may even give you a better workout than heavily cushioned shoes. I also really like this colour combo.

Breaking in my newer Sense Pros a couple of weeks or so ago. Great for power walking!

I bought both pairs in my actual shoe size (not a half or full size up like some people do) and have experienced zero problems with blisters, rubbing or internal slippage to date, so I guess Salomon shoe sizes are pretty spot on (compared to Nike, which runs large, and Hoka One One, which runs small, for example). Despite the thinner and seemingly harder soles, I’ve also had no problems with shock absorption, arch support or overall comfort.

I purchased both pairs on sale at The Overlander in Causeway Bay (phenomenal discount prices, so excellent value!). Great store for trail runners, hikers, campers and other outdoorsy types, incidentally. Anyway, I thought it was high time that I write a product review of sorts and rave about my Salomon shoes, especially now that I’ve also broken in my Sense Pros and love them just as much as my SpeedCross Pros! 😀

Out of interest, which shoe brand or model do you swear by?


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