Just another day hiking: Gravesite ‘bumburn’, some fruity pics and a dead rat…

My last hike was a few days ago. I hiked from Discovery Bay to Pak Mong and Tung Chung on Sunday, then repeated the same hike again the following day. That’s over 12km and 18k steps per day. Not bad!

I didn’t come across any snakes this time, but I did encounter a dead rat on the trail just before the A Po Long intersection on Monday. Nice. Further along the trail, at my favourite gravesite (if you can have such a favourite, lol), I also spotted a fruiting plant of some kind that I wanted to take photos of for this site.

While I managed to take some (just) okay pics of the fruit, I’m not sure that the photos were entirely worth it, as the trade-off was a nasty case of ‘bumburn’ caused by a misjudged seated hop from a much rougher than expected gravesite wall in order to get to the plant below. Ouch!

My shorts were thankfully undamaged, but it looks like someone took a cheese grater to my lower left butt. :/  One friend joked that it was the dead punishing me for being nosy in their pad, but that’s my favourite gravesite and I’m always respectful! Bummer! Literally in this case, haha.

Anyway, my bumburn is already on the mend and the photos have been posted to my flora page (dead rat included, but to the wildlife page). Turns out it’s a fruiting Abacus Plant of some type. Just remember what those photos entailed. I certainly will! Lol



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